Can Creditors Collect a Judgment Lien during Bankruptcy?

When an individual files for bankruptcy protection, he or she may have judgments against them. Some of these court judgments awarding certain sums to judgment creditors may have been secured if the judgment creditor took the steps necessary to file judgment liens in the counties where the bankruptcy debtor owns property. Once the debtor files the bankruptcy case, can the judgment creditor still enforce the judgment lien? Can that creditor collect the amount due under the judgment?

The answer is not always clear upon first blush. Whether and to what extent it is collectable will depend on the nature and magnitude of the bankruptcy debtor’s debts. If the value of the property owned by the bankruptcy debtor is great enough that the sale of such property could cover the sum of all secured liens against that property, then the judgment creditor will have a better chance it obtaining a favorable recovery of the judgment.  But this may not be possible if the bankruptcy debtor utilizes his or her homestead exemption permitted under New Mexico law. If the exemption is invoked, the remainder of the value of the property may not be sufficient to satisfy the judgment lien particularly where a bankruptcy debtor owns property encumbered by multiple liens.

It is important to note, in this regard, that the decision concerning what type of bankruptcy should be filed by an individual may depend, in some part, on whether that individual owns real estate that is so encumbered.  A paramount reason individuals choose to file Chapter 13 bankruptcies is that they intend to keep their residence.  A debtor with judgment liens against their home may want to opt for Chapter 7 bankruptcy instead. Chapter 7 bankruptcies possess the attributes of a liquidation process. Before determining what type of bankruptcy case fits a particular debtor’s needs, the debtor should consult with New Mexico bankruptcy attorneys about their financial condition including the existence of liens against their property.

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