Free $20,000 to Avoid Foreclosure!

By Elizabeth Friedenstein, Associate Attorney, Giddens + Gatton Law, P.C.

Are you facing foreclosure? New Mexico has up to $20,000 available in FREE money to help homeowners!

The Homeowner Assistance Fund is a federal program to help homeowners impacted by COVID-19 catch up on mortgage and utility bills. The fund has been distributed to New Mexico and is known as the New Mexico Home Fund.

If eligible, the free money can be used to help pay for past due payments on your mortgage, utility bills, property taxes and homeowner insurance, as well as assistance with a possible decrease in the amount owed on a mortgage in order to prevent or avoid foreclosure.

Your hardship must be related to COVID-19. However, “related” does not mean that you had to have caught the virus. It could mean that you were unemployed, had a reduction in work hours, had an unexpected increase in expenses, or had a complete loss of income.

If you are currently in court litigation due to foreclosure, you can still apply!

If you are currently in bankruptcy, you can still apply!

These funds may take up to 90 days to be approved, but you must ask for permission from the courts to hold off on moving forward with your foreclosure while you are being considered.

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The direct website for the New Mexico Home Fund is