Commercial Litigation

While no business wants to be involved in litigation of any kind, being the target of commercial litigation cuts to the very heart of your business. Giddens & Gatton Law, PC, has the know-how to obtain the most favorable outcome possible for our clients.

What Is Commercial Litigation?

Civil litigation is usually a lawsuit involving two parties to enforce or defend a legal right, where the plaintiff is typically seeking some sort of compensation from the defendant. When businesses or companies are involved in the dispute, that lawsuit is generally known as commercial litigation. Commercial litigation is similar in many respects to civil litigation, but differs due to the involvement of businesses, and can typically involve issues that are more complex.

Emerging Trends in Commercial Litigation

There are several emerging trends in commercial litigation. One of the biggest trends is cybersecurity and data breaches, due to the escalating occurrences of cyber-attacks and the resulting data breaches. In commercial litigation surrounding these cases, the key issue is whether consumers have the standing to seek relief for data breaches and improper disclosure of personal information. As the digital economy continues to grow, more data breaches and the litigation that surrounds them will continue to occur. Another commercial litigation trend is employment litigation. As employment disputes continue to increase, we expect to see an increase in litigation arising from activities in the workplace. U.S. companies have an 11% chance of having a claim filed against them by an employee. But New Mexico has an even higher rate, where 66% of companies have a chance of having a claim filed against them by an employee.

Our Approach to Commercial Litigation

Commercial disputes are a reality of doing business in today’s environment. It can be key to outline a strategy and understand the different possible outcomes and probabilities when faced with a claim or dispute. Having a commercial litigation attorney early in the process to advise you is critical. At Giddens & Gatton Law, PC, we strive to provide the best legal representation possible while providing optimal value for our clients. That doesn’t always mean going to court. Suing someone is both time-consuming and expensive, diverting money that would be better invested in the business. On the other hand, we are not afraid to go to court and fight for our clients. Our motto has always been expertise with compassion. If you’re ready to discuss our commercial litigation process, give us a call today.