Company announces Chapter 11 filing, looking for buyers

Although not a firm fixture and long-tenured business enterprise across the entire country, Hasting Entertainment Inc. is certainly a well-known commodity in many states, including in New Mexico, where its retail stores selling music, movies, video games and additional merchandise operate in many locales.

Reportedly, Hastings and its parent company, Draw Another Circle, are currently experiencing material business challenges, with it being recently announced that the latter is filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection. Hastings operates 123 stores nationwide. New buyers are being sought for all those locations, which include four so-called “superstores” in Albuquerque and an additional 10 venues elsewhere across the state.

A formal statement from Draw Another Circle notes that Hastings and another group-owned company also seeking protection “will operate in the ordinary course while they evaluate potential offers.”

As noted by the United States Courts website, Chapter 11 bankruptcy generally pertains to the reorganization of a business, although individuals, too, occasionally seek protection under this form of bankruptcy relief.

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