Debt-relief focus: initial considerations regarding bankruptcy

A fresh start.

That is often the fundamental hope, as well as motivation, for financially challenged individuals/families and businesses that seek to claw back from punishingly high debt, regain traction and get back on track in their respective personal and professional lives.

The goal is understandable, of course, and it is one that has been hardly singular or pursued in relative isolation, especially in recent years. The so-called “Great Recession” that challenged many millions of Americans not that long ago continues to emit disquieting financial ripples across broad sectors of the economy in New Mexico and nationally.

Translated: High numbers of people have lost their jobs or become underemployed. Punitively high and unexpected medical costs have materially challenged families across the country. Credit card debt is a problem for many. Businesses across a wide gamut have faced pressing concerns.

In the United States, perpetual poverty owing to indebtedness is not a preordained outcome sanctioned by custom or legal practice. In fact, bankruptcy protection (Chapter 7, 11 or 13) is a time-honored lifeline allowing for the above-cited fresh start, with bankruptcy being specifically noted as a legal remedy in the country’s preeminent foundational legal document, the U.S. Constitution.

The attorneys at the long-tenured Albuquerque law firm of Giddens & Gatton Law,amp; P.C., assist both debtor and creditor clients in bankruptcy-related matters, collectively bringing many decades of experience to bear in that representation.

In doing so, we dutifully note that bankruptcy “can be complex,” and we respond to that reality by providing a personalized and tailored approach to the work we do in any given client matter.

The bottom line in any debt-relief legal representation must necessarily be this: carefully considered and cost-efficient strategy that unwaveringly focuses on an outcome that is truly in the best interests of a consumer or business client.

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